About Burt Goldman, The American Monk

My Story…

Burt Goldman

Hello, my name is Burt Goldman. I’m one of those “lucky people” who discovered a secret early in life. I spent 50 years cultivating my knowledge and travelled all over the world to teach others the secrets to life. Today, I’ve settled in California and will spend the next few minutes sharing a few important lessons with you.

When I was just nineteen, I was with the American Occupation Forces in Korea. I had a Korean-American buddy who told me of a mystic he had met while wandering the outskirts of Seoul. I got to meet that mystic. In that small home of Mr. Kwan Jung, whose name I later learned meant strong and righteous, I heard things I’d never thought of before. I learned about Qi, or energy, and Li, how to control energy.

Suddenly Korea turned into much more than just a place to bide my time until I returned to the States. This was my first dip into the metaphysical world I knew so little about.

Then I was transferred to Hawaii where I met my first Kahuna Master. I was told the teachings of Kahuna were secret—the word secret in the Hawaiian language was huna, which meant, known to very few.

I was fascinated by what I had learned in Hawaii and wanted to know more but there were no Kahunas in the USA at that time. After my discharge from the army, I heard of a great swami and my curiosity led me to the great Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual guru who brought meditation and yoga to the Western World. It was from him I learned the art of meditation.

I became a disciple of Yogananda and after he left this world in 1952, I sought other ways to fill my cup with knowledge. I read everything I could on the subject of the mind and the variety of ways to use it.

Next, I explored hypnotism and was fascinated by it. I could see the suggestion procedure as verifying much of what I already knew. I practiced it for many years, all the while researching and learning. I went to many hypnosis masters but they all fell short of what I already knew. I felt they were on a different road than I was. I was putting people into a trance in seconds while they all, for the most part, had long elaborate methods of reaching a persons subconscious. My therapeutic process took less than an hour while theirs required the subject to come back for months, sometimes years.

By then I had also become proficient in hand acupressure, a component of acupuncture without puncturing the body. I began healing and teaching people to heal by simply pressing on two parts of the subject’s body with the middle fingers of both my hands.

Healings, when they occurred, happened in minutes, sometimes, seconds.

My teachings at the time were for small groups, or individuals. I had not yet gotten the idea of world travel, or gathering large groups of people.

At this point in my life I heard about Jose Silva and his mind control seminars. I decided to work with him and became a Silva Method instructor. After injecting some of my own techniques into his exercises, I became his number one instructor and remained in that position until I left the organization.

I didn’t stop there—I went on to study the Chinese Art of Feng Shui, I became a Psychic Healer, and I mastered NLP. At my peak I conducted seminars for Heads of States, European Royalty, and amassed audiences numbering up to 700.

Now at the age of 80+, traveling around the world to do seminars would be too much. I’ve decided to spread my knowledge in a different way.

A miracle happened to cause this. The name of the miracle was the Internet. A way to offer my knowledge to the world.

Based upon my experience I have developed specific techniques and mental conditioning exercises that will enable people like you to easily tap into the latent power of your mind.

These are time-tested techniques that have been conceived, tested, and fine-tuned with hundreds of thousands of participants throughout the world. I’ve assembled all these techniques into one big life survival kit. Just like you have your First Aid Kit for your physical well-being, the American MindBox will ensure your mental well-being.

My Key Life Lesson: Your Mentality Shapes Your Reality

How often have you found yourself staring into blank space, fantasizing a life that’s filled with bliss and happiness, only to realize moments later that your life is far from where you want it to be?

We look at happy and successful people and think how lucky they are to have it all. You may be wondering, “Why can’t my life be like theirs?” Or rather, “Why can’t I be as lucky?”

What many people seldom realize is that successful people are people who take responsibility and risks and make decisions in their life so that they can be “luckier” and lead a life of bliss and happiness.

And that’s exactly what the American Monk MindBox can help you achieve. When you control your mind, you shape your reality.

Everyone has the same innate abilities to get in touch with their spiritual self (perhaps you already sense this) but just don’t know how to get started. It’s so simple, really. In fact… if you had the right teacher, you could get a jumpstart with your own abilities.

I am on a mission to make it possible for everyone who is interested to learn to awaken the voice of their soul to do so, no matter where they live, and on their own schedule, at their own pace and in a way that is affordable.