Are you familiar with the concept of alternate universes?

Some of the world’s leading scientists and quantum physicists have theorized that beyond the universe we live in are an infinite number of alternate universes, where alternate versions of ourselves live out their lives in a world where different circumstances exist, and different choices have been made.

To put it simply, in an alternate universe you could be anything from a king to a business person to a soldier. The possibilities, just like the number of universes out there, are infinite.

Over 3 decades ago, upon learning this theory, a man named Burt Goldman asked himself a question – “What if I could find a way to communicate with these alternate versions of myself, these doppelgangers, and learn from them? What if I could draw from their experiences, their knowledge, their skills, and improve my own life in the process?”

This was the starting point of Quantum Jumping, a unique meditation and visualization technique created by Burt that allows anyone to tap into the power of their minds to communicate with alternate versions of themselves.

An 83 year-old man with the energy and vision of a healthy person half his age, Burt has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of enlightenment and self empowerment. He spent decades travelling the world and studying under some of the world’s top spiritual leaders, including Jose Silva and Paramahansa Yogananda, in disciplines including Meditation, Energy Healing, Visualization, the Law of Attraction, Feng Shui and Yoga.

Throughout his life, Burt has helped tens of thousands of his students awaken the power of their minds to improve their lives in various areas including health, wealth, enlightenment, happiness and life purpose.

Quantum Jumping is perhaps his most powerful tool yet. Through highly specialized sessions known as Quantum Meditations, Burt claims he is able to teach anyone (even someone with zero meditation experience) how to jump into alternate universes, and communicate with their alternate selves.

Burt claims that he himself has used Quantum Jumping to accomplish many of his long standing goals, including mastering photography, learning how to paint, and even starting up his own internet business – all in his golden years.

The technique itself is surprisingly simple, involving a combination of visualization and meditation that allows the student to experience the Quantum Jumping phenomenon within their minds.

Burt begins by guiding his students into an alternate state of mind known as the ‘Alpha Level’. The student is then instructed to visualize him or herself stepping through a doorway into an alternate dimension of their choice, where they can then meet and converse with one of their alternate selves.

The nature of this alternate self is completely dependent on the student’s objectives. If the student wishes to master a new discipline like playing the guitar, they may choose to visit an alternate self who is already an accomplished guitarist. If they wish to find a suitable life partner, they may call upon an alternate self who has already found the right person.

Once accomplished, the benefits of Quantum Jumping are endless. Burt’s students have used it to learn new skills, improve their health, expand their wealth, advance their careers, gain creative inspiration and even enhance their relationships – all by drawing on the collective wisdom and experience of their alternate selves.

While the technique itself may sound somewhat far-fetched to some, Burt claims that it is actually based on a classic personal development tool known as the ‘Board Room Technique’, where the user is asked to visualize him or herself conversing with their role models in the hopes of acquiring wisdom and inspiration from them.

Regardless of your belief in the concept, one fact is undeniable – Burt himself, and his thousands of students, appear to be living proof that Quantum Jumping indeed works.

When He finally decided to reveal this mind-blowing technique on the Internet, something amazing happened…

He Was Proven Right!

Within days, Burt’s inbox was flooded with hundreds, and then thousands of incredible success stories from people who had used the course.

Here’s just a handful:

“Absolutely Fantastic”

“I found the Quantum Jumping Program to be absolutely fantastic. Firstly I worked through the program then worked out what I wanted to do. I have a list of those things that I wish to accomplish but had no real idea where to start. Well, the door opened literally. I have always wanted to write so I quantum jumped into a parallel world and caught up with my doppelganger who happens to be a world wide published author and has written many many books. We talked about how to start to write, choosing subjects etc. right up to finding a publisher. It was a truly awesome experience as my doppelganger’s home is the exact copy of the one my partner and I would like to live in. I have also made arrangements to revisit whenever I want to. My second experience concerned Public Speaking. I can do it but not with a lot of finesse. I jumped through the doorway and found my doppelganger who is a world recognised Public Speaker. I learned that much from him that I now know that should I be called on or asked to speak I can do so with all the flair and skill that I learned by my Quantum Jump. Incidentally, as I cross off items form the top of my list of TO DO’s I’m adding more to the bottom. The Quantum Jumping Program has been the best investment I have made in the last 40 odd years of searching. Many thanks”

~ Stan Walters

“Met Several of My Twin Selves”

“Hi Burt, I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the quantum jumping course. I have met several of my twin selves and have received from them what I have asked for in very unique ways. One in particular time I was purchasing a home and wanted to insure the close of the sale. I went into a quantum jumping meditation and met the Alicia that already lived in that home. She was in the kitchen cooking, (I love to cook) and she took off her apron and gave it to me. She then said “here it’s yours now, you will be the one cooking in this kitchen” I then took the apron put it on and she turned around and walked away. Thank you for opening up this concept to me and making it available.”

~ Alicia

“I Was Thrilled With The Ability To Cross All of The Universes and Begin to Utilize Those Skills”

“Dear Burt, I originally purchased the program to help me break through things in my life that I wanted to change, remove or re-evaluate. Also to create direction for my life that would allow me to live my life on my terms, instead of being in fear of what was happening “out there” like the economy or healthcare crisis. I have been exposed to and used various techniques for many years. I just lacked or didn’t understand how to pull all these pieces of information together into a cohesive program. At first, I looked at the program as a delightful meditation, but soon found that the application was far more inclusive than I realized. I have been able to apply the program to many facets of my life. Including manifesting a new career, financial clarity, a whole new community of like minded people that I really enjoy their company. And the portion I really was thrilled with the ability to cross all of the universes and begin to utilize those skills and information I only intuited were available to me. I have wholeheartedly recommended the program to a number of my friends and contacts. The people that I have shown this program to have had extraordinary results and have been just as delighted. Thank you for sharing this fabulous program. And having the forethought to save it for the time it was intended. I love the program!”

~ Robbie Agnew from Salt Lake City, Utah

“Quantum Jumping Has Been A Real Blast For Me To Further My Own Results”

“I have personally had, by another “title” my own form of Quantum Jumping in my own life. But my partner just had never been able to hear my explanations or to progress in his own life. He took a real liking to Burt Goldman’s soft and gentle approaches and the impact that the Quantum Jumping program is having on him is fun to watch…. I suppose it is what I get for being less disciplined than Burt has been in his life. Oh, yeah, Quantum Jumping has been a real blast for me to further my own results too. Thanks Burt for your gentle and easy-to-follow videos and audios. I definitely would recommend. Why? Because the ideas, when followed, DO WORK!

~ Carol Harse from New Port Richey, FL, USA

“I So Look Forward To “Meeting” My Doggleganger Again and Again… and Again”

“My primary goal for using Quantum Jumping was to meld my energy with an alternative “self,” to increase my vibration. I have participated in only two of the meditations…and the changes in me have been far more than subtle! Please do not misunderstand, I have been “working” on myself for two decades, with thousands of hours of reading, CD’s and DVD’s and then combined many energy sessions, various meditations, regression therapy and cranial sacrel work. Whew! All of those tools were helpful and led me to here and then this wonderful gentleman appeared out of no where. As they say “ ….and the teacher will appear”. After my first of Burt Goldman’s meditations, I felt that all was well, actually more like super well! After the second, my attitude is more of a knowing – knowing what my true potential is. I so look forward to “meeting” my doppleganger again and again… and again. Thank you Mr. Goldman! I would most definitely recommend Quantum Jumping to my friends. Fits me perfectly!”

~ Dixie from Bradenton, FL