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Nothing speaks for The American Monk MindBox better than success stories from our graduates. We have received hundreds of raving reviews and have indexed them in this section for you. Take a moment to browse through our user experiences below. Or, if you’re one of Burt’s students and want to share your story, we’d love to hear from you.

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Burt's Teachings Are Always There For Me Whenever I Seem To Need It Most.
Burt's Teachings Are Always There For Me Whenever I Seem To Need It Most.

"About twenty-three years ago my husband and I were going through difficult divorces and dealing with uncontrollable stress. Your [teachings] really got us through a lot. We will be celebrating our twentieth anniversary next month, and have a blended family who not only are glad we married each other, but love to be with us and each other.

I just wanted you to know that when you teach someone the power of their mind, that information is not only invaluable, but never lost - even with the passage of time - I access your teachings often.

Thank you for getting me through a difficult time."

~ Jan Greco from La Quinta, CA

Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself
Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself

"I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, from New Orleans, and since that life-altering event, I have been reaching out for every possible tool and benefit that I can attain, in my attempt to rebuild my life and career.
I am a multi-disciplinary performance artist, and teacher of various arts education programs of my own creation, formerly in the Orleans Parish Public Schools System.

As most of my work was interrupted by the destruction and closure of the schools and many of the performance venues where I had formerly presented my creation, I had to direct my creativity towards the considerable effort of recreating my artistic life.

I am still in that process, and have used many of the visualization, meditation and emotional management techniques you have created in the MindBox, as a way of helping myself on the path. Along with my yoga and tai chi practice, I have managed to transform most of the rage and frustrations I had felt in the early stages into positive energy for building another future for myself."

~ Nanette Ledet, survivor of Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans

The Very Important Part of Me is Back
The Very Important Part of Me is Back

"Some twelve years ago, I had the opportunity to read one book on Silva Method. I remember reading it in a hurry, feeling totally impressed and then continuing with the pressing problems of the 'real' life - so whatever came out of this reading, it didn't last.

After finishing my studies, I became a Doctor, but I have always had this artistic urge - I also have been illustrator and draftsman. I have somehow managed to keep those two sides of my life reasonably together.

Some six years after, I lost the urge to create, got lost in immediate needs. I felt that a very important part of me is missing. Even more, I couldn't make myself draw - somehow I felt blocked and powerless...
Although everything else worked fine for me, I felt this need to express myself artistically, and that part of me was blocked.

I read Burt Goldman's online course and started meditating daily, mostly using affirmations. Unbelievably I started drawing again! I am little bit afraid to say this aloud - I feel that very important part of me is back.

By removing mental block that was stopping me from being creative, I feel that I have done something equally important!

Thank you, Burt! You have done something great for me!"

~ Riste Sekuloski from Macedonia

It Changes My Perception Of - Literally - Everything
It Changes My Perception Of - Literally - Everything

"Consistent use Burt's teachings - in listening to and thinking about the lectures, and in participating in the meditations - has been of benefit in many aspects of my life. One of the greatest is the results that come from committing to, and sticking with, "the practice." We tend to think of "habits" as mindless, bad things - but the habit of practicing with Burt's teachings is the opposite - mindful, and very, very good!

Without a doubt, my favorite exercise is the Daisy Pond. I am a small business owner; my days are typically hectic and taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to swim and float in that magical place changes my perception of - literally - everything. It is a sensual and psychological oasis!

My ability to focus is stronger. My intuition is higher, my interactions with the people around me are more mindful. What I love about Burt's program is how well it integrates with other practices in my life, such as the study of quantum mechanics and working with Jungian archetypes...Burt's teachings are, in some respects, a synthesis of all of those other paths."

~ Linda Anger from Rochester Hills, Michigan

Burt Goldman Is #1 In The Field Of Self-Help

"The Goldman Method is the most practical, yet mysterious program for effectively using your mind for personal success. It's my job to study tools and strategies for personal-growth, and according to me, Burt Goldman is #1 in the field of Self-Help.

I'm the educational director for SpeedLearning Institute, an international licensor of accelerated learning techniques to colleges and corporations.

My background is law, and I was the business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading; we graduated 2 million, including the White House staff of four U.S. Presidents. We recommend the purchase of the Goldman Method materials to our graduate-students and executives because they are easy-to-implement, and effective.

"The Magic of Desire, Belief and Expectation", lucidly explains how to run your life instead of life running you. It helps you reduce stress so you can fulfill your potential. It does not create geniuses, but allows you to release your hardwired gifts and talents. His baby-easy approach to meditation caused me to stop twice-a-day to go to my Alpha level for 20 minutes. It permits you to access your own healing powers."

~ Hal Weschler from USA

Gave Me Tremendous Power & Energy
Gave Me Tremendous Power & Energy

"It is great! My life has changed! You helped me to convert my miserable life into a much better life! No, I did not win a lottery. It is much better: I found you...!

It can get only better and better every day! Your method gave me power and endless source of energy to do my work and help others!"

~ Gabriela Pielarska from Toronto, Canada

I Use Your Method for Acheiving Goals
I Use Your Method for Acheiving Goals

"I did your free on-line course and then purchased your course of CDs, which you sent me together with your book.

I am a fan of yours and I have referred other to your free on-line course, some of whom have thanked me.

I am 86 years of age, enjoying good health, widowed two years ago, and lead a very active life in my (Catholic) Church Parish and in Toastmasters (World wide Public Speaking Club network emanating from the USA). I use your method for achieving goals.

At present I am about to appear on Saturday 21st October in a Public Speaking Contest, and I am "programming" to win."

~ Stan Blackford from Australia

I Have Changed
I Have Changed

"I'm a schoolteacher who travels over an hour each day to school. I'm always listening to my CD collection for company.

And then I found Burt Goldman's CDs.

I play them every day for months now and I have changed. I now know how to better handle a difficult relationship, how to set goals, how to use more of my mind, how to change my attitude when the day gets rough,...

Thanks a million. And I love the advice I get in my e-mails, keep it up."

~ Marsha Carey from Norco, California

Subsequent Inspiration I Receive In All Areas Of My Life
Subsequent Inspiration I Receive In All Areas Of My Life

"I found your site by surfing - and have been practicing going to level since.

The feelings I get when "at level" are peaceful and calming... and the subsequent inspiration I receive in all areas of my life continues to astound me.

I just want to thank you for being a great tour guide to a higher life."

~ Montana Gray from California

More Positive & Composed
More Positive & Composed

"In the MindBox, I enjoy being guided by Burt to my alpha level on the CDs, which I listen to often.

I am able to carry over this relaxed feeling into my work day, which is very helpful. The changes have been subtle, but gratifying.

I'm more relaxed, more focused on my goals (and) less critical of others. I've mostly banished guilt as a useless emotion. I worry less. In general, I'm more positive and composed, thanks to Burt."

~ Bill Dahl from Rancho Cordova, California

They Give Me Hope & Inspiration...
They Give Me Hope & Inspiration...

"Thank you for your generous gift of your email...

I always save them in a folder and when I have the time I will dive into the folder to just get a hit of inspiration. Your emails are like a friend that checks up on me and says how are you doing?

Are you meditating regularly? Are you remembering to be in contact with the divine? They give me hope and inspiration that I can create the world I want."

~ Kathy Hoyer from USA

The Good Life is Reachable

"Throw away your self help tapes, tear up your self help books, forget about motivation seminars, don't bother with advice for the lovelorn, give up on conquering procrastination, get over trying to figure out how to succeed.

You won't need any of that, just listen to Burt Goldman's course and the good life is reachable. I know. It worked for me."

~ Laura Walker from Temecula, California

Effective Techniques for Improving the Quality of Your Life
Effective Techniques for Improving the Quality of Your Life

"Burt converts his profound understanding of metaphysics and how the mind works into simple, effective techniques for improving the quality of your life."

~ Mandy Bass from Miami, Florida

I Am Now Able To Look Upon My Daily Negatives In Positive Light
I Am Now Able To Look Upon My Daily Negatives In Positive Light

"In a nutshell, you've changed my life.

I'm only 16 and yet through your meditation program and stress relief methods, I am now able to look upon my daily negatives in a better positive light.

Boring aspects of my life such as college and general blues have gently disappeared and are now replaced with a desire to motivate myself to thrive in life and attain my dreams..

So thank you for making this teenager value life!"

~ Matt H. from USA

Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More
Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More

"My goal was to boost my self-esteem and master my emotions. Since I using the MindBox I can say that I enjoy my life more. I worship every day and every moment. Burt has helped me to be my real Self.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone else. It's the good solution to improve your attitude towards various life-challenges.

I think Burt spreads José Silva´s word in a very useful and user friendly way and he helps people to really lead a fulfilling life."

~ Benjamin from Bochum, Germany

Give You An Opportunity To Develop Skills That Are Essential
Give You An Opportunity To Develop Skills That Are Essential

"My goal for using the MindBox is to learn techniques that help me to engage the world more effectively. I saw an opportunity to develop skills that are essential: living life with more confidence, and conquer self doubt.

I understand more deeply what it means that life happens from us, not to us. That we can decide how to assign meaning to the events in our lives rather than letting events trigger a reaction that is beyond our control.

It is a fundamental shift that allows for self empowerment, that engenders self determination. In other words it has made it easier for me to be my own man, with more confidence!

I've learned to use visualization techniques along with the bagha, such as the three screens technique, and the Kahuna Boldness technique, to create a clear vision and methods to realize that vision.
My most rewarding achievement since using the MindBox is the ability to preform with more stage presence and intensity as an entertainer. I feel my music comes from a deeper place and I welcome the possibilities that life holds more happily.

I recomend the MindBox to everyone with a desire to understand their lot in life better.

I think that the information contained in Burt Goldman's teachings is invaluable to those of us with big dreams and little practice at living them.

I have learned that certain behaviors bring about certain results. What I have learned from the MindBox is that there are proven and effective ways to detangle the burden of life from our thinking. We can instead, direct our energies from discontent and anxiety, to realizing our buried potential.

I think Burt Goldman has crafted a supreme array of tools, and pearls of wisdom, that help develop type of skills a person can have.
I think the essence of the MindBox is simple, to improve the quality of life.It does just that. Life presents the challenge for us to gain enough awareness to figure out mastery over the world.

I have spent the majority of my 45years in life searching for peices of the puzzle, to figure out the bigger picture. The MindBox is not just a treasure, it is the fortress that holds all the treasures!"

~ Marc Anthony DeTomaso from Naples, Florida. USA

My Self-Esteem Seems To Have Improve
My Self-Esteem Seems To Have Improve

"I have had quite a few successes with the MindBox, especially with the Bagha technique and the Power Shield technique has worked just great. I also love the Daisy Pond and the Om stress meditations.

Using the MindBox, I have been able to diminish some of my aches and pains by transferring the Chi to a scarf.

My self-esteem seems to have improved a great deal and I feel comfortable in the company of many people and even have made new friends.

I recommend The Mind Box to everyone because it works!!"

~ Barry Beacock from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life
The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life

"I was looking for a self-improvement product that could be used in any situation in life, and I found what I was looking for in The Mindbox. It has dozens of easy ways to improve your life. I listen to it in my car, as I drive at least 2-3 hours daily. I am able to utilize this time listening to the CD's, and then I meditate with the meditation tracks at home. I have listened to the entire Mindbox at least 6 times so far.

I am using many of the techniques:
- The Thought Stopping technique comes in handy when I am trying to go to sleep and thoughts keep popping in my head.
- The Magic Star is incredulous - I am going to put numbered tiles of the Magic Star in the garden of my new home, so I can walk The Star outside, and I can't wait to teach my grandson how to do this.

There are so many techniques in this program - it is exciting to me just thinking of how I can use the different ones. I am really glad I purchased this program!

I have and will continue to recommend The Mindbox to my friends and family. It is the best self improvement method I have come across in my life.

I think The American Monk products are fabulous resources for those of us interested in self improvement and reaching our full abilities and capabilities in this life."

~ Michelle Nicholas from Temple, Georgia

Simple & Excellent!
Simple & Excellent!

"I have used the MindBox to improve my life, to find peace and serenity in spite of external events, to view life and circumstances with a positive frame of mind, to make that a reality and not just a goal.

I would recommend the MindBox to everyone. It is easy to listen to, includes succinct exercises, and anyone can use them. Simple and excellent!"

~ Maria Bastas from Australia

Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!
Awesome & Life-Changing Are Not Overstatements!

"I purchased the MindBox because I was looking for comfort after the deaths of both my son and father within a short time. I was also looking to improve a situation at work, where my boss was often rude and demeaning.

I used, often, the exercises for grief over those who have passed. This gave me closure, comfort and strength.

With my rude boss, she has gradually leaving me alone to do my job. I sometimes don't hear from her for days and even weeks at a time.

I would visualize us at a conference table, together, smiling and nodding at the statement that "we both want the same thing here, there is no need for conflict." I think she "feels" now, that we do both want the same thing and that I don't blame her for any past problems. She has a new confidence in me and my associates. A great turnaround!
Work is now bearable, whereas in the past I used to instead visualize walking out, which wasn't helping at all.

I would highly recommend the MindBox. It helped me, and there are lots of other applications for different problems that I feel it could improve almost anyone's life.

Awesome and life changing are not overstatements!"

~ LeeAnn Tassotti from Racine, Wisconsin

I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life
I am Now Emotionally Independent Of Different Relationships In My Life

"My goal with the MindBox was to improve my mindset in my personal life from having a negative, defeating attitude into being a more positive and calmer person and being in control of my emotions. Burt's teachings helped me to accomplish this.

All my life, I have been around negative people, family and friends programming my mind and letting them 'get to me.' Now I am emotionally independent of the bad relationships in my life."

~ Maria Markogiannis from New York City

After Using The MindBox I Gained Greater Self Confidence
After Using The MindBox I Gained Greater Self Confidence

"After using the MindBox, I gained greater self confidence and started my own business. I have been able to do both and since have enjoyed great abundance in my life. I have the MindBox on my MP3 player and listen to it every night before bed.

I recommend the MindBox to everyone as I believe that these principles should be shared. Burt's meditations are great.

The MindBox is simple, packed with a big punch of personal growth and frees the spirit."

~ Jay Watterson from Logan, Utah

The MindBox Is Deeply Rewarding
The MindBox Is Deeply Rewarding

"I purchased the MindBox as part of a long-term self-development effort, in which I have followed my intuition in the direction of wisdom sources. I found the MindBox tantalizing. So many areas were touched on. I liked that the MindBox combined conscious teaching (lecture material), with guided meditation. That is a superb combination for me.

I would recommend the MindBox to anyone on a path of spiritual and personal development. It is uniquely broad-based in content, touching on virtually every area of concern one could have, yet it is uniquely personal.

I love the MindBox because it is so intimately personal but sophisticated at the same time.

Burt becomes a loved family member and trusted friend as he presents his decades of wisdom into memorable, resonant, and moving vignettes. While some other self-development products seem lightweight or contrived, the MindBox is appropriately deep and deeply rewarding. I think the teachings in the Mind Box exemplify something that is often missing in our culture: deep wisdom teaching from a real "Elder." This collection fills that void for me, and I hope to continue mining its treasures for a long time to come."

~ Marcus Gitterle from Central Texas

A Huge Change In My Life
A Huge Change In My Life

"THANK YOU BURT! Thank you for making a huge change in my life. I have, through the years, listened or attended various motivational classes. None have worked for me. Yours is truly the best and I see progress! Why? Because of the way you present the material. It's as if I am listening to a friend that wants to help me. You are so genuine in your presentation. I have purchased almost all of your programs and have found the MindBox series to be my favorite (so far).

As a result, I have become better organized and determined to complete projects. Then I started using the Chinese Labyrinth every day. It is located in my Barn/Office on the property, I keep it out to use the minute I walk into my office. Once I "walk" the Labyrinth, I feel energized and ready to work and complete projects. I have also set a time frame for completion.

What I think is even better, is my that my attitude has changed for the better. I look forward to the future and am working on shedding any and all negativity.

I would highly recommend MindBox to any one! It has made a very positive difference in my life. I am better organized and looking forward to a brighter future.

The lectures are easy to follow and interesting to listen to. Burt comes across as someone who really cares about helping others be the best they can. It's the way he presents the material, he makes it feel as if we're friends and he just wants to help. The meditations are wonderful and not very long. Which I like.

I love his energy, his caring way, his talents, and the gift he is giving to the world."

~ Karin Janin from Highland, New York

Aiding My Inner Spirit Back Into Balance.[*]
Aiding My Inner Spirit Back Into Balance.[*]

"Aloha Mr. Goldman, My goal for taking your lesson is to find balance once again with my inner self. I have been going through tremendous stress for a long time and felt as though my spirituality was slipping away. Because of the stress I have been living with, negativity surrounds me and I know that I can do something about, but lost the focus to accomplish this. I know I needed help.

Yesterday I felt stressed about my financial situation, I got lost inside of my stress and fears. I then made a commitment to really give your lessons a try. I followed your guidance in lesson 1, and WOW! The inner peace and serenity I felt was powerful. I then realized how long it has been since I felt that way. Well needless to say my financial problems didn't just disappear, but I wasn't consumed by the negative affects of it. The rest of my day and night was beautiful and blissful.

I am definitely going to pass this gift on to friends and family. I also asked my boyfriend to experience lesson 1 with me. Thank you so much for aiding me and my inner spirit back into balance."

~ Rondalynn from Kailua Kona,Hawaii

Comprehensible lessons to finding peace
Comprehensible lessons to finding peace

"I was looking for tools to help me release stress, to find inner calm and peace. I've really only just started working with the tools but I have already begun to work with the ones in the modules that I have listened to.
I still have some issues that need work, but I feel that the tools that are in the MindBox will be of definite value.
I am calmer and I find it easier to relax. I don't feel as angry as I had been when I started working with the MindBox.

Yes, I would recommend this to others. And I already have!

I like that this is easy to understand and it doesn't take hours of my time to listen to one module and do the meditation."

~ Mary Emison from Dayton, Ohio, USA

Great Program!

"I really enjoyed the material. I think Mr. Goldman translated beautifully many of the Eastern teachings and techniques to the West in a simple and clear language. Whatever he added from his own knowledge is blended into very valuable and coherent techniques for meditation.

I have been listening and practicing many of these techniques and I find them enjoyable and easy to follow.

I would recommend this material to anyone who wants a simple and effective method to improve their way of thinking and viewing the world and their life.

Thanks Burt"

~ Maria Maturana from San Diego

I Just Started The First Lesson... INCREDIBLE!

"I just wanted to let you know that I just started the first lesson... INCREDIBLE! I was so happy when Burt instructed me to “pretend” that I can’t lift my hands, then to try and lift them. I tried, but couldn’t!

Wow... I was excited by that alone, not to mention when I was close to opening the door leading to the Daisy Pond! I actually became a little saddened when it was time to walk back through the hallway and go back up the stairs. I thought to myself "I’m not ready to leave!” The great thing is, the more I meditate with the help of the Daisy Pond, I’ll be able to go there whenever I wanted!"

~ Trevanne from USA

Indespensible Meditation For Those Eager To Find Peace Of Mind

"I’ve been meditating for years and practiced various methods from Transcendental Meditation, Hong Sau and Kriya Yoga but my all time favorite has been the Daisy Pond guided meditation. I find this guided meditation, with repeated practice, brings me greater longer lasting peace of mind than any of the other meditations mentioned up above. Would I recommend this guided meditation to others? You bet I would. It is an indispensable meditation for those eager to find peace of mind in a world filled with so much turmoil."

~ Rick Blanda

The Most Explicit & Easy To Understand.

"I found your course to be the most explicit & easy to understand.

My entire philosophy on life is exactly as you teach, I am a healer and teach this way of looking at life but for some time now it would appear that I have lost my way and had hoped for the answers in your system. Your course is extremely comprehensive, laid out in an easy step by step system. I have been searching for the answers for so long now that I've forgotten what the questions were!

I know your course and the information is brilliant but I have yet to find the right key to open my own mind to it."

~ Jean T. from United Kingdom

Ability To Gain The Alpha Level Quickly & Easily

"The main benefit I've received from the MindBox is the ability to gain the alpha level quickly and easily and the faculty to "imagine" easily.

The 3-2-1 Method is as efficient as it gets! Also, just hearing Burt's voice when I start my alpha sessions really gets me in an alpha mode mood! The information Burt Goldman gives is excellent, and I've had many light bulb moments.

Burt Goldman is really great. After all I've said, I really believe in him. I got a feeling that the key is there. I'm glad I have the course."

~ Callie L. from Honolulu, Hawaii

I Have Been The Highest Rated Dispatcher

"I have enjoyed all of your CD's. I have particularly benefited from the Self Healing. I have often used this when I felt myself getting sick and it helped me to prevent the illness.
I have also used Correcting Past Programing, as I come from a fairly dysfunctional / alcoholic family.

One thing I have been able to "test" as to its effectiveness is your phrase on sensing yourself improving everyday, in one area of your life.

I picked my job as a test. I am an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Our calls are marked and evaluated every month. I am suppose to score a 95 % on my calls every month. I regularly think of work during that segment of the CD and the last four months I have been the highest rated dispatcher. We all occasionally get there but it is rare for anyone to get repeated scores like that for long. I also won other awards at work in the last six months.

Thanks for a great product."

~ Kimberly H. from Canada

Easy to Understand With Down-to-Earth Logic

"I feel your course is perfect just the way you have written it. It covers so many topics and each one is quite interesting and motivational, yet easy to understand with down-to-earth logic.

It doesn't get any better than that! Each lesson had something of value to learn about. Your ideas were well presented and thought-provoking."

~ Debra Richards from USA

I Thank You Over And Over For All The Direction

"I have enjoyed every one of your very informative and easy to read exercises.

I have been going through a lot of stress for a long time. By practicing the exercises on the 2 audios sent by you, I know that I can hope to have a life filled with better peace and health.

I thank you over and over for all the direction that comes from you."

~ Fatima S. from Sri Lanka

Now I Know That I'm Not Too Old

"The course has given me inspiration to continue working on projects I had discontinued because I thought I was too old.
Now I Know that I'm not too old. I have a new zest for life and get up every morning knowing that I still have a purpose in life. I look forward to celebrating my 90th birthday in September.

I want to thank you for producing the MindBox."

~ Arnold Jackson from Australia

Increased My Abilities As A Healer

"The Mindbox has given me new tools to deal with challenges that come up in my life. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is, I can find a solution amongst the many different recordings in the MindBox. Burt is such an wonderful speaker that even just listening to his voice has a calming effect. I always listen to the training talk while traveling and the time just seems to fly by, and I am being educated at the same time.

I think the MindBox is wonderful. I have developed new skills and have increased my abilities as a Healer."

~ Lois Lovegrove from Australia

It Has Had a Profound Affect On The way I Look At Life

"The MindBox has enabled me to tackle all the challenges of my life, and adopt a positive attitude. I listen to a lecture and meditation track every working day, in order to re-align my thinking, and I am achieving great things.

For me, this really is the most genuinely useful and practical spiritual tool I have ever come across.

Those aspects of the course that have allowed me to connect, logically, to a concept of God have been wonderful. Raised in an atheist and scientific household, I have always lacked faith in my life.

Now, thanks to Burt's clear perception and logical reasoning, I am able to believe in something beyond myself. This has a profound affect on the way I look at life - and has taken away my fear of death. It is a real blessing.

There has been nothing about this course that I haven't enjoyed. I listen to the CDs again and again, to reinforce my understanding and increase my ability to connect with the positive energies of the universe. My work is creative (I am a writer/communicator), and I use Burt's tracks to feel inspired.

I am no longer afraid of "authority figures" which is extremely liberating, as this fear used to hamper me in all areas of my life. But more profoundly, as I said above, I am no longer afraid of death, and that is a gift beyond price.

My deep and heartfelt thanks for Burt for sharing his wisdom with the world. I have been looking for these answers all my life. I am 44, which was beginning to feel rather tired and old; but now I feel energized and filled with excitement."

~ Ros Swamp from United Kingdom

I Finally Feel I've Found What Works For Me

"I'm very happy with the MindBox and have even created a 'tool' for myself - "My Cloak of Calmness". It's for those days that go wrong from the moment you get up in the morning and you probably should have stayed in bed.

I love all the training,talks and meditations I've used so far. In fact I'm seriously considering selling off my 'collection' of self improvement books, cd's, tapes and courses.

I feel I can get on with my life now just using your simple and effective methods. From all the many things I've used, I finally feel I've found one that works for me. I just wanted a simple user manual for my mind and thanks to you, I have it now.

One day soon, when I will have completed my goals, I will become what I believe I was intended to be in my life: Coach/Counsellor.
I will finally preach my ultimate goal thanks to the Mindbox and you Burt."

~ Olma Feneck from New Zealand

A Pivotal Moment In My Spiritual Progression

"I have lectured all around the world. I' am the top in a network marketing company, own a healing center, a manufacturing company, have had profound mystical experiences that go beyond anything I could have imagined earlier in my life, and am entering into a new even more magnificent time in my life.

I wanted to say thank you. Whether you recognized something in me, heard an inner guidance or simply contributed to a "coincidence" in my life...that event was one of the pivotal moments in my spiritual progression.

I am grateful to have known you. Thank you very much

Sending love gratitude and blessings."

~ Kathy from Denver, Colorada

The American Monk Products Are Priceless!

"I wanted to utilize something to assist me with the inner personal challenges that I have been encountering in my life as well as obtain powerful tools for my spiritual enhancement.

For a long time, I was manifesting things, people and situation that I did not desire and truly wanted to change that.

I was aware of the principles of manifesting but needed a teacher who could guide me through this process with the skill and wisdom.

Mr. Goldman was the one. Now, whenever I am confronted with an obstacle or feel stuck in a state of negative mindset, I can utilize the valuable tools that have been entrusted in the MindBox series.

Using these precious tools have produced a series of new outcomes in my life and in the way I perceive my situations. We can change our outcomes using the right guidance and techniques.

I would definitely recommend the MindBox to someone else. The value and wisdom contained in those cd's are like precious gems.

The first time I played a Cd, I was deeply drawn to Mr. Goldman's heartfelt attempt to share all that he had accumulated over a lengthy period of his life.

The sincerity and honest intention to transfer this wisdom could be felt with each and every word spoken. His efforts to give us all of this vital knowledge comes across with conviction and genuine care for the recipients of the MindBox series.

The MindBox and other American Monk's products bridges the gap between religious dogmas and spiritual knowledge.

These products deliver a wealth of spiritual wisdom that first applies to one's inner life transformation which will inevitably impact the world out there in a way that religious teachings have failed to do thus far.

The American Monk products are priceless!"

~ Salma Abdool from Woodbridge, Canada

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